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Concrete Utopia Movie Review

Concrete Utopia Movie Review:- South Korean disaster-thriller directed by Um Tae-hwa, who wrote the screenplay with Lee Shin-ji, mostly based on the second part of the webtoon Pleasant Outcast by Kim Songyoung. It stars Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon, and Park Bo-young.

Concrete Utopia is set in Seoul shortly after a titanic earthquake destroys the city, and follows the residents of a structure that miraculously survives. As they try to escape, they are faced with harsh realities and tough moral choices. The film was launched theatrically on August 9, 2023.

The film received generally positive reviews from critics and was selected as South Korea’s entry for the Best International Feature Film class for the 96th Academy Awards. However, it did not make it to the shortlist. A standalone sequel, titled Badland Hunters, was launched in January 2024, with producer Byun Seung-min as a returning main crew member, following a special group of characters who develop in post-earthquake Seoul.

Concrete Utopia Summary

Seoul is destroyed by a significant earthquake in one day. Everything has collapsed, and only one place remains: the Imperial Palace Apartments. Residents actually start to feel threatened by outside survivors who have heard of this shelter swarming the residences. They unite for survival, and with a brand new resident chief, Yeong-tak, they create new guidelines for the residents and prevent the entry of outsiders. Thanks to this, unlike the hellish world outside, the utopian dwellings remain safe and peaceful. In an endless scramble for survival, however, a surprising battle ensues between them.

Concrete Utopia Review

Another strong Korean genre film. And it’s another person moving into the realm of social atavism, the place where the nation’s movies and TV make an agency impression all the time, from Snowpiercer to The King of Pigs to The Squid Game. South Korea’s entry for the 2024 worldwide feature movie Oscars, Um Tae-hwa’s concrete utopia is a bitter satire on its current housing bubble. It is set in a desolate, dreary, post-apocalyptic Seoul where only one tower block remains standing. National icon Lee Byung-hun (Joint Security Area, Squid Game) is on the unlikely as the tyrannical “Delegate” driving the current in the making.

Concrete Utopia Release Date

The actual nature of what destroyed Seoul is unclear, with talk of an earthquake and a massive pyroclastic cloud present in scenes of the destruction. Nor does it make perfect sense that the Hwang Gang Apartments are not immediately affected by the millions of people left outside. But all this is practical short-cutting within the quest for a neat metaphor of what is and what is not (while the destruction itself may be a metaphor for the destructive power of an overheated property market). Lee’s delegate Kim – appointed after a hearth stop – rallies the condo holders to expel any outsiders. Soon-to-be foster Min-sung (Park Seo-joon), who initially takes in a pair of refugees, is vigilant against “cockroaches” and content with his personal God-given superiority.

Concrete Utopia Release Date in India

Inside and Out, dealing with normality and dehumanization, strangely paying tribute to the area of ​​interest, winner of the 2024 Oscar for worldwide function films. (And each film actually serves as a corresponding showcase reaching scene.) But Um threads the needle of capitalist-inequality with an extra-communist form of satire. Residents are supposed to be equal but all want to cede rights and duties to Kim. “You look sexy!” Someone says of his bloodied face after confronting the ostracized riff-raff, and a practical post-apocalyptic social outcast with rock-star charisma, a one-man cult quickly in power.

Concrete Utopia Movie Review
Concrete Utopia Movie Review

Concrete Utopia Movie Review 2024

Initially operating with the melancholy glee form with which Korean films typically depict trauma, Concrete Utopia becomes increasingly tense and fragile. The movie doesn’t just delicately work on the self-mythological roots of energy – as Min-sung’s docile spouse Myung-hwa (Park Bo-young) digs into the delegate’s rear – but additionally how such lies ultimately They corrupt and corrupt everyone in the neighborhood. . If George Orwell had a career as a Korean property agent, this is the version of the story he might need.

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Concrete Utopia Movie Trailer

Concrete Utopia Movie Review

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