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Damsel Movie Review

Damsel Movie Review:- The first king of Aurea leads a futile attack on a dragon living in his realm. All of the king’s males are killed, leaving the king at the mercy of the dragon.

Centuries later, Lord Bayford’s teenage daughter Elodie receives a proposal from Queen Isabel of Aurea to marry her son, Prince Henry. At her father’s urging, Elodie agrees to the marriage so that her bride price can help their poor people. Upon arriving in Aurea, Elodie and Henry are initially weary of each other, though they begin to bond as they share a need to travel. Elodie’s stepmother, Lady Bayford, becomes suspicious of Queen Isabelle’s intentions, mainly because she pleads in vain for Elodie to consummate the engagement.

damsel movie

After the wedding, Elodie and Henry take part in a historic ritual within the mountains, believed to be the auspicious moment of their union. Isabel describes the pact between the primordial king and the dragon, where he needed to sacrifice three of his daughters to ensure peace between his people and the dragon. After a ceremony where their palms are lowered and held en masse, Henry leads Elodie up a narrow passage above the dragon’s lair, then throws her down the moat at Isabelle’s behest. gives

Recovering from the fall, Elodie realizes that she is a righteous sacrifice. She escapes the dragon after burning her leg, and discovers an illuminated cave full of glowing silkworms, which she collects as a light supply. Elodie arrives in a chamber with the notice “Safe Here She Can’t Reach”, the names of previous victims, and a map carved into the wall. While Elodie sleeps, the worms heal her leg burn.

the maid

Elodie follows the map to a lifeless finish on an extremely vertical drop down the mountainside. She searches for the whereabouts of the lifeless dragon hatchlings, explaining the interpretation of the royal sacrifices. A rescue party led by Lord Bayford arrived. The dragon, along with Lord Bayford, kills them, although the distraction allows Elodie to escape the mountain. She takes one of the many rescue ceremony horses and hides under a rock as the dragon burns down the enclosure in a failed pursuit.

Aware of the fallout from Elodie’s failed sacrifice, Isabelle resorts to kidnapping Elodie’s young sister Floria as an alternative. After studying it from a determined Lady Bayford, Elodie returns to the mountain to rescue Floria, who was left alive as bait by the dragon.

Damsel Movie Review 2024

Elodie creates a diversion to succeed in Floria. Asking her sister to take cover, she confronts the dragon and tries to convince him that they have been betrayed by the Orians: the bride and the Orion royal by becoming members of their little fingers at the wedding ceremony. The family’s blood is mixed, leading the dragons to believe that the princesses are of Orion origin. Refusing to consider Elodie, the dragon states that the primary king’s attack was unprovoked, after which he is attacked, though Elodie uses him to burn himself. At her mercy with the dragons, she convinces the dragons of reality and heals each of them with glowing worms.

the maid
the maid

Elodie then interrupts another sacrificial wedding at the palace, exposing the treachery of the Aurian royal family. Elodie advises the brand new bride and her family to flee, and the dragon burns down the palace along with all of the Orion royal family and nobles. Henry, remorseful for his actions, is shown to simply accept his fate. A few days later, Elodie, Floria, and Lady Bayford sail home to a house full of dragons.

Damsel Movie Review


Damsel Movie Review

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