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Garudan Movie Review 2024

Gruden Movie Review 2024:- After a stunning makeover from a comic to a lead actor in Vetri Maran’s Viduthalai: Part 1, Suri’s sophomore outing as the hero, Gruden, proves that his transformation is not a flash in the pan. With a neatly woven script that has enough brawn to overcome its minor flaws, director RS Durai Senthilkumar makes a grand comeback with this raw and intense rural drama.

Groudon Movie Review

In Grudan, Suri portrays an orphaned sorceress, who takes solace in the oneness of Karunakaran (Unni Mukundan), turning him into a living embodiment of the phrase ‘loyalty’. Meanwhile, Adhitya (Sasikumar) is Karuna’s best friend and the pair work together professionally. A marksman’s deafening gunshot disturbs the peace of a peaceful forest, where the inhabitants indulge their natural instincts, disturbing brutes of various kinds. The film traces the rift in these bonds to ‘Mann, Pon, Pan’ (greed for land, wealth and girls). When these opportunities upend his good world, Sokan is pressured to take it upon himself to restore stability.

The synopsis of the brand new Suri starrer Grudhan, written and directed by RS Durai Senthilkumar and mostly based on a narration by Vetrimaran, can be very eye-catching. It concerns the rift between two men who started out as brothers and their confidant, who is left in a quandary over whose side to take. The film’s weakness is that it takes a really long time through a lot of the usual beats to get to the point where this dilemma starts to play an important role in creating drama within the story. While Gruden by no means ventures into territory that would make the film a tiresome mastery, the gallery-pleasing segments are a form of squeezing the scope to be an efficient drama.

Groudon Movie Review

Gruden release date

Aadhi and Karuna are childhood best friends who eventually became influential names. They supported each other, and their households also favored each other. Sokan was Karuna’s closed help. Karuna discovered Sokan as an orphan in his childhood, and it was Karuna’s grandmother (Apatha) who gave Sokan his identity. Things took some drastic turns when Karuna was desperate for cash and energy after Apatha’s passing. How Sokkan reacts to this situation where he has to decide between loyalty and justice is what we see in Gruden.

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People who follow Tamil cinema know the truth that mainstream Tamil cinema has these two categories of films. The first is the type of films that can be launched anywhere, followed by B and C medium films, which are derided by international promotional audiences as cringe or passé films. Suri, as an actor, has mainly done comedic roles where he is the hero’s sidekick, and if you take a look at his filmography, most of them were B and C middle audiences because the focus The audience was Therefore, RS Durai Senthilkumar’s treatment of this film is complete by keeping in mind the sensibilities of that class of cinema. If you can be okay with loud, in-your-face, exaggerated depictions of loyalty, there’s a chance you’ll find Gruden satisfying.

If you take a look at Sokkan’s attributes, it’s almost like the editor made Sokkan a hero. RS Durai Senthilkumar doesn’t need to make Suri this common folk hero with just one film. In the bigger picture of dynamic potential, he is the primary man’s sidekick. In fact, it was annoying to see the usual Suri humor and his long monologue form within the film. But it’s really like a blessing and a curse.

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Blessings as a result of your hero not really having to be that supernatural hero, curse because you want to see standard Suri even in a movie that has him as the hero. Sasikumar is sleepwalking through this character, and he hardly has anything to do. The same can effectively be said of Samuthirkani’s police character. Unimukundan, as Karuna, is an interesting character who is not an overtly unhealthy man, though a somewhat conflicted man turned evil by manipulation. With her standard expression, Unni manages to play the character cleanly. Towards the climax of the film, Shivda will get some ample scope to showcase his potential.

Groudon Movie Review 2024
Groudon Movie Review 2024

The story is credited to Vetrimaran, and when you take a look at the merit hierarchy between the characters, you can probably see that Vetrimaran needed to show the influence of caste and the way the idea of ​​loyalty was backward. Worked to save the people. of society. When it involves RS Durai Senthilkumar’s screenplay, such political angles are usually not getting enough thrust, and the desperation to be a crowd-pleaser is driving the script after broad strokes. As I already mentioned, Sokkan’s idea of ​​having to decide between justice and loyalty had the potential to be an interesting character exploration.

Gruden 2024

But the film’s ambitions to make a public hero out of an actual soukan are making it from something strange to relatively extra ordinary. The film’s cinematography largely follows a summery tone and the climax makes heavy use of that tone. They have tried to make the fight sequences as realistic as possible, although Suri struggles in many areas to keep up with that fast pace.

Tamil cinema is going through a very boring part this 12 months, and releases and different language motion pictures have been dominating the Tamil field workplace for some time now. Given the lack of content material, one can confidently say that Grudan is a comparatively superior film as its story has a definite drama that makes it interesting on paper. But in terms of playing a part of it, Gruden looks like a rushed and compromised product that had the potential to be a memorable film.

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Groudon Movie Review 2024

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