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‘I Was Disgusted Seeing Girls Swooning Over Him, Unko Ghamand Bhi Aa Gaya Tha’

Veteran actress Farida Jalal, who was recently seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar’, started her career with ‘Taqdeer’ after winning the United Film Producers Talent Hunt sponsored by Filmfare in 1965 alongside Rajesh Khanna. Later, it was the super hit film ‘Aaradhana’ starring both of them that made Rajesh Khanna a superstar. In a recent interview, Farida Jalal reminisced about Rajesh Khanna’s unparalleled popularity and how no other actor has achieved his fame.

Farida Jalal on Rajesh Khanna’s stardom

Speaking to Bollywood Bubble, Farida said Rajesh Khanna’s immense popularity has led to a change in his behaviour. By the time the shooting of ‘Aaradhana’ started, he started receiving offers and film roles. Ungo sara ghamand bhi aa gaya tha (He had become a bit arrogant). After the release of Aradhana, the craze for him was on the next level. Even today when I watch that movie, he was so good at worshiping that what happened was meant to happen,” she shared.

Farida mentioned that her initial indifference towards Rajesh Khanna annoyed her, but they became friends after Aradhana became a huge hit.

About girls going crazy over him after worship

“I didn’t pay much attention to him, so he got mad at me. I was in my own world, which he was a bit angry about. The film became a super hit when it released. The ‘worship’ was a Diamond Jubilee (75 weeks). In those days we used to travel to every city; Distributors would invite us and we would fly from one city to another. Kaka and I became friends when we met in those days. On set, I thought he was very proud. They say ‘how many rehearsals’. I was a newbie and it really bothered me. So we had an argument. But our friendship grew differently when we met at award functions. I used to see all the girls coming and going crazy over him. I used to get angry seeing girls swooning here and there asking for autographs. I’m disgusted. He would look at me and say, ‘Dekha, star, tum toh humen kuch samajte nahi’,” she told Bollywood Bubble.

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are coming close to Rajesh Khanna’s stardom

Farida reflected on the experience of working with him and the overwhelming fan craze he commanded. “I thought, I’ve worked with him, I’ve done a song with him, but I’m not crazy, so what’s wrong with these girls? I have to say that I have not seen any hero with such stardom and madness since then. “Yes, there is some Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in it,” she said.

In 1969, ‘Aaradhana’ starred Rajesh Khanna in a dual role alongside Farida Jalal and Sharmila Tagore.

‘I Was Disgusted Seeing Girls Swooning Over Him, Unko Ghamand Bhi Aa Gaya Tha’

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