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Journey of Love 18+ Movie Review

Journey of Love 18+ Movie Review:- Athira is the daughter of Ravindran, a native secretary of a political alliance. She is in love with Akhil, a celebration employee. Athira at some point calls Akhil and says that she is able to run away with him. Akhil discusses this with his close friends Renju and Patar. Renju implies that they need to meet Rajesh, a tipper driver who ran away and got married.

Love Journey 18+ Movie Review

Akhil, Renju and Patar go to Rajesh’s house and ask for help. After learning of Akhil’s relationship with the native secretary’s daughter, Rajesh initially refuses, but later decides to help them. He advises that the marriage needs to be held in a temple in Taliparamba, which may cost some cash. During a human chain formed by a local political gathering, a fully charged cell phone battery is handed over to Athira by Pattar, as directed by Rajesh. Akhil approaches his mom for cash for the wedding, which she arranges through bidding.

Love’s Journey 18+ Movie Review

A strike at the BSNL workplace led by Athira’s elder brother Arjun turned violent, and the gathering declared a 24-hour strike. Akhil and his friends meet Rajesh to discuss the wedding preparations, and Rajesh instructs them to make the necessary preparations as soon as possible. On the day of the strike, Akhil and his companions arrange the wedding sari, kameez and thali. In the evening, Akhil arrives at Athira’s house without her family members realizing and takes her with Ranju and Pattar, who are ready outside in an automobile.

Love Journey 18+

The next day, Akhil and Athira get married at a temple in Taliparamba with the help of Rajesh. Akhil’s father asks him to stay away for several days. Rajesh suggests to Akhil and his colleagues that they need to shift to Mukambika for 2 days. After investigating at a lodge, Rajesh receives a name regarding the death of Athira’s grandmother, and everyone decides to go to Athira’s house. Ravindran beats up Akhil and creates a scene seeing his daughter with him. Rajesh helps Athira, Akhil, Renju and Pattar escape. At Akhil’s request, Rajesh takes them to Akhil’s aunt’s house in Kutiadi.

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After Athira’s family registered a case, the police tracked down Akhil and Athira and produced them in court. Rajesh finds advocate Satish to represent Akhil and Athira in court. Satish submitted {photograph} and temple register as proof of marriage. However, Ravindaran’s lawyer proved that Athira is not 18 years old by presenting her SSLC certificate. Satish checks the certificates and says Athira will turn 18 in 5 days. Soni, the Judicial Magistrate, orders Athira to be taken to the youth home as she expresses her desperation to return home.

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Ravindran’s lawyer reminds Arjun that when Athira turns 18, the court docket will enable them to live together, and Akhil needs to be prevented from accessing the court docket. The police arrive at Akhil’s house to arrest him for burning a bus. But Akhil’s pal and Get Together employee, Deepak, is responsible for this.

Love Journey 18+ Movie Review
Love’s Journey 18+ Movie Review

Before the case is heard in court, Ravindran tries to convince Athira to change her mind. Athira acts as if she agrees to every little thing. When the case begins, Athira tells Soni that she needs to accompany Akhil and reveals her father’s claim regarding Akhil’s caste. As Athira turns 18, the court accepts her intention to move in with Akhil. Meanwhile, Akhil’s young brother plans to run away with his lover and get married as soon as he turns 18.

Love’s Journey 18+ Movie Review

Journey of Love 18+ Movie Review Journey of Love 18+ Movie Review

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