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Karnataka Government Bans Release Of ‘Hamare Baarah’ To Prevent Communal Tension

The upcoming Bollywood film ‘Hamare Barah’ has been banned in Karnataka for the next two weeks or until further notice. ANI reports that the government is worried that the film could create communal tension if it is distributed in the state. To avoid communal tension, the decision was reached after watching the film’s trailer and responding to appeals by various groups.

Multiple Muslim groups have petitioned the government, alleging the film’s “provocative and insulting” portrayal of Muslims. The film’s release has been postponed due to Section 15(1) and 15(5) of the Karnataka Cinemas (Regulation) Act.

A debate on ‘Hamare Bara’

‘Hamare Baraah’ faced strong criticism from the audience even before its premiere. Some critics said the film’s trailer was inciting community propaganda and disturbing enough to harm the brains of an entire generation.

Due to all the buzz it created, the trailer was quickly removed from all internet sites after its release on May 30.

The story of ‘Hamare Bara’

‘Hamare Barah’ explores the issue of population growth in the country in the context of Uttar Pradesh. With strong performances by Annu Kapoor, Ashwini Kalshekar, Abhimanyu Singh and other actors, the film effectively conveys a message through its engaging storyline and execution. It takes on a sensitive and important subject that speaks to all aspects of society in a bold and unheard way.

Annu Kapoor reacts to the controversy

Actor Annu Kapoor, who plays the lead role in the film ‘Hamare Barah’, recently spoke about the controversy in an exclusive interview with News18 Shosha. His main point was that people should watch the movie for themselves before passing judgement.

The actor said, “People always talk about hype. I don’t worry about it, watch the film first and then I will make people decide what our film is. They haven’t seen it, so I don’t.” Don’t understand why the censor board judges it, when they pass a film, it should go unchallenged. Don’t abuse or take guns, we should bring guns, just because people are abusing our movie means they already lost and we won.

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Hamare Baarah

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