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Moonfall Movie Review 2024

Moonfall Movie Review 2024:- In 2011, space travelers Brian Harper, Jocinda “Joe” Fowler and newcomer Alan Marks board the space shuttle for a set of gardens. A surprise swarm of technology aliens attack the orbiter, killing Allen and knocking Joe unconscious before tunneling into the lunar surface. Brian, the only witness of the bunch, has sight of Earth but the crippled shuttle, but his story is dismissed and he is kicked out of NASA.

Moonfall Movie Review

Ten years later, Shastra theorist K.C. Hausmann, who recognizes that the Moon is a cryptic megastructure, secretly uses a research telescope. He discovers that the moon is orbiting near the glorious Earth, and the infamous Brian tries to share his findings with him. NASA also discovered the discrepancy, but went public on social media, social panic ensued. who is now the deputy director of NASA and SLS for the Ablasi investigation. Block 1 rockets are launching a space probe. The whelian swarm attacks, killing all three lunar ships after a probe crashes into the moon’s surface in a critical shot an open mile deep.

Moonfall reviews

As the Moon is getting worse, the Moon is getting closer to the Earth, and the Earthquakes and gravity are causing serious problems. Joe meets former NASA official Holdenfield, who reveals that Brian Collo 11 was defamed because of classified NASA information. By the first landing on the Moon, a two-minute radio blackout was performed to emit light transmitted to the spot. Apollo 12 revealed that the moon had been opened, and the cause of a military EMP device designed to kill the swarm had been released.

With the help of your ex-husband General Doug Davidson, the Air Force Chief of Staff, who rescues a Muses se Sevenoverse space shuttle Endeavor to complete the EMP demand and new mission: to correct the Moon’s choice and destroy the swarm. to do Brian, K.C., and Joe launch with the EMP, narrowly escaping the destruction of Vandenberg Air Force Base due to hearing loss.

As they reach the interior of the Moon, they discover the Dyson field, guided by a white sphere in the center. The Dyson Realm’s AI System Brian explains that billions of years ago, Manta’s technologically advanced ancestors were wiped out by an evil AI. They created the moon as an interstellar lunar ship to build and seed life on Earth, but the swarm – powered by the energy source of the malevolent Aii-ma discovery, is itself beautifying and evolving. .

Moonfall Netflix

Meanwhile, Brian’s son Sunny, who’s son Jimmy and his caregiver Michelle try to get Brian’s ex-wife and Sunny’s mother Breda, her husband Tom and their family to Doug’s military bunker in the Colorado mountains. are Following the officer and other human soldiers from the crash due to the proximity of the moon, the group finds safety in a mountain tunnel.

When his youngest daughter runs out of oxygen, Gyal Tom gives up his oxygen, she gets her luck with kneeling to end herself, the moon can do to the local atmosphere. The president is about to order a nuclear attack on the moon, but Doug refuses to follow orders, causing the bunker to collapse, with Doug apparently dead.

the moon
the moon

Since swarms attack organic life only in the wake of an activity, K.C. A swarm with your moon model can move away from your space probe, and sacrifice itself to detonate the EMP. Joe and Brian visit Earth, reunite with your family,

And the power of the moon is restored, the meditation has returned to your regular state, but now the rock is out of place. K.C. की चेटना का बैच्या, चान्मधा का TRANSLATION SYSTEM K.C. appears to As their cat, Faz Aldrin, and their mother commented that they now “must begin”.

Moonfall Movie Review 2024

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Moonfall Movie Review 2024 Moonfall Movie Review 2024

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