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Srikanth Movie Review 2024

Srikanth Movie Review 2024:- The Hindi-language biopic tells the story of Srikanth Bola, an Indian entrepreneur who rose to prominence as the founding father of Bolant Industries, an organization in 2012 that uses unskilled and differently-abled people to create eco-friendly businesses. was created to The film chronicles the struggles of Srikanth, who was born in Sitarampuram village in Machilipatnam, then undivided Andhra Pradesh, India.

Srikanth Movie Review

The film showcases Srikanth’s achievements regardless of adverse circumstances. The joy of the dad who named his son after cricketer Krishnamachari Srikanth on the day he was born turns into disappointment when he sees the new baby. He digs a hole to bury her but is saved by her mother. He also has to endure bullying within his hometown college regardless of his talent.

Srikanth Movie Review 2024

Original story of Srikanth movie

The plot moves to Hyderabad where he joins a certain college where he shines, though his vanity gets him thrown out. From then on he is mentored by his instructor Devika who holds him by the hand, filing a court case to examine science as a subject (regardless of the 98% score). She inspires him to try applying abroad and he is selected as the chief global blind student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after being denied admission to the Indian Institute of Technology.

Srikanth Movie Review 2024
Srikanth Movie Review 2024

Srikanth movie

At MIT he will find the help of two college students who will help him achieve his ambitions. During his faculty days, through social media he meets Swati who is attracted to him. After initiation, Swati, now his girlfriend, encourages him to return to India and cherish his desires. Again his mentor helps him start a PC institute which flops. He later decides to organize a venture (Bolent Industries) along with his venture partner Ravi Mantha, where he mainly offers jobs to the disabled. After several misunderstandings with his partner, Srikanth is finally in a position to achieve the degree of success he had hoped for, with constant guidance from his mentor.

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Srikanth Movie Review 2024

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