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UPSC Recruitment 2024: Naukari has a well-buried Talash and Bayte Ummitavar. Sangh Lok Seva Aayog (UPSC) ki or se kai pad par bharti nikali gai. Jinake Lia Ummeedawar has come to Jakar Pain from Adhikari seat. Aching for this Abhiyaan Aakhiri Tariq 13 June 2024 Steps to Apply Jarreya Bharti can feel the pain.

ye hai vacancy details

    • Archaeological Archaeologist: 67 quarters
    • Specialist Grade III Assistant Professor (General Medicine): 61 words
    • Expertise Grade III Assistant Professor (General Surgery): 39 quarters
    • Specialist Grade III Assistant Professor (Child Disease): 23 Pada
    • Sahayaka Neesha Grade-II (IEDS) (Khadya): 19 Pada
    • Sahayaka Nideshak Grade-II (IDS) (Hojari): 12th quarter
    • Deputy Central Intelligence Officer (Technik) (DCIO/9T) in the Intelligence Bureau:
    • Sahay Nideshak Grade-II (IDS) (Chamada and Juthe): 8 Fig
    • Specialization Grade-III (General Surgery): 7 quarters
    • Expertise Grade III Assistant Professor (Forensic Medicine): 6 quarters
    • Vishesh Gnana Grade-III (Maternity and Female Disease): 5 Pada
    • Sahayaka Nideshak Grade-II (IEDS) (Chemistry): 5 words
    • Training Adhikari (Women’s Studies) – Dress Making: 5 Quarters
    • Upadhikshana Puratatva Rasayanajna in Archaeology: 4 terms
    • Expertise Grade-III (General Treatment): 4 Quarters
    • Specialist Grade-III (Pathology): 4 quarters
    • Sahayaka Nidesak (Bhagawani): 4 words
    • Expertise Grade III Assistant Professor (Pediatric Nephrology): 3 quarters
    • Specialist Grade-III Oto-Rhyno-Laryngology (Can, Nac, Gala): 3 Pads
    • Specialist Grade-III (Ophthalmology): 3 quarters
    • Examining Officer (Women Studies) – Electronic Mechanic: 3 terms
    • Specialist Grade-III (Anesthesiology): 2 quarters
    • Specialty Grade-III (Dermatology, Venereology, Leprosy): 2 Fig.
    • Specialist Grade-III (Orthopedics): 2 Quarters
    • Expertise Grade-III (Child Disease): 2 Quarters
    • Auxiliary Instruction Grade-II (IDS) (Mineral Finishing): 2 Quarters
    • Engineer Eavm Jahaj Sarvekshak-Saha-Upa Mahanidesam (Takaneiki): 2 terms
    • Assistant Professor (Urology): 1 quarter
    • Specialist Grade-III (Psychiatry): 1 quarter


Hurt for this bharti abhiyan and patra ummidwar authorities check the raditals.

Itana dena hoga avedan shulk

For this recruitment application, it will be necessary to apply for the reserved category of PWBD fee. 25 to 25 for Jabaki other category requests.

Kis taraha karem avedan

    • Step 1: Education Ummidawar Subse Pahale through official site
    • Step 2: Ummeedawar Co Homepage Click on “Online Application” link.
    • Step 3: Phir Umidawar Oru Samane Oru Nai Windo Khulegi.
    • Step 4: Login Applicant Registration.
    • Step 5: Fir Umidawar Jaruri Details Darj Karems.
    • Step 6: Create a Naya User ID and Password.
    • Step 7: Fir Ummeedawar Jaruri uploads the document.
    • Step 8: AB Ummeedavar is Aveda Shulka Bhagat.
    • Step 9: Submit Fir Umidawar Pain Form.
    • Step 10: Download the Isake Bad Application Form.
    • Step 11: Finally print out the Ummeedavar pain sheet on nickel lem.

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UPSC Recruitment 2024

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