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Aranmanai 4 Movie Review

Aranmanai 4 Movie Review :- In northeastern India, a priest and his daughter travel to a temple by boat during a contest. When the daughter is injured and her blood flows into the river, it releases Bak, a shape-shifting demon. Bak kills the daughter and accepts his kind. The priest then traps Bach’s soul in a vessel, forcing him to take the place of his daughter entirely for the sake of his spouse. The scene shifts to a village where Selvi and her husband Santosh live with their youngsters, Shakti and Saravanan Jr. Selvi. Selvi’s husband dies of a heart attack inside the forest, and Selvi apparently duly hangs herself. Witnessing her dead mother, Shakti falls into a complete coma. Hearing about the deaths, Selvi’s brother Saravanan, a lawyer, visits the grieving youth with his aunt. In the village, the landlord’s granddaughter Maya, a physician, is assigned to take care of Shakti. Soon, they start experiencing paranormal activity at home.

Armanmai 4 Movie

Saravanan suspects that his sister Selvi’s death was not a suicide and goes to the police station along with Ravi, son of the village head. They were brutally dismissed by the inspector. Ravi then reveals to Saravanan a video of his late brother-in-law being chased by a Swami before he lost his life. Later, while they are in their jeep, a spirit attack occurs, and Saravanan steps out to analyze. Meanwhile, Selvi-like lust attacks Ravi.

Hearing Ravi’s scream, Saravanan returns to look for the jeep and Ravi leaves, leaving only the video digicam behind, displaying Swami’s footage once more. The next morning, Saravanan finds the jeep smashed against a tree with Ravi’s dead body. Initially suspected by the police, Saravanan cleared his title using video digicam evidence. The police, now satisfied, assist Saravanan in searching Swami’s cell, where they find photographs of the latest victims, Selvi, Santosh, Ravi and Shakti. Convinced of the swami’s guilt, the inspector orders his seizure.

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Saravanan learns that Shakti, the inspector and late Ravi have the same date of birth. He confirms with Maya that each of the three often has a red mole and asks her to protect the young. Saravanan confronts Swamy to save many inspectors. Meanwhile, a Northeast Indian priest arrives at Saravanan’s house, claiming to be looking for his missing daughter. He tries to strategize for power but is thrown out by Selvi’s spirit. Also, the inspector dies after being impaled by a vine, and Shakti wakes up from the coma, along with Selvi’s soul. During the interrogation, Swami revealed that Bak, an evil spirit capable of inhabiting water and land, had trapped his soul by the priest, draining its energy. Bak adopted the villagers as they moved to the village, eventually retrieving its hidden soul. To regain full power, Bak aims to sacrifice Shakti, Inspector and Ravi. Bach kills Selvi’s husband and adopts his own kind of strategy power. Despite this, Selvi sacrifices herself to protect her children and returns as a spirit to protect them in opposition to Bach. Swami warns Saravanan to guard Shakti at all costs to prevent Bak from turning immortal.

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Saravanan tells his aunt about his regret for not supporting him. Meanwhile, Bach attacks the police station, causing accidents, though Swami manages to drive it away. During the chaos, Maya is stopped at the compound gate by Selvi’s spirit while trying to join Shakti’s party. Saravanan notices a blood stain on Maya’s lab coat which appears to be Selvi’s soul. Upon testing the blood inside the lab, they reveal that Bak is impersonating Swami. After confronting the President, they discover Swami’s lifeless body inside the trunk of the President’s automotive. Pradhan reveals that Swami went to the graveyard to destroy Selvi’s soul and his stay. Saravanan arrives too late, pleading for Shakti’s protection to find his sister’s spirit disappearing. Bak then reappears to speak Shakti, though Maya flees with him for the temple encounter. There, Saravanan fights Bak inside a large demon statue. At the climax of the contest, a divine spirit destroys each idol and bak.

Aranmanai 4

With the turmoil resolved, Saravanan assures Maya that perhaps the palace will be converted into a hospital for her to serve the village. Outside, the youngsters play throwball with their mother’s spirit, showing that she watches over them.

Aranmanai 4 Movie Review

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