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Badland Hunters Movie Review 2024

Badland Hunters Movie Review 2024:- In a post-apocalyptic Seoul, Nam-san, a ruthless scavenger hunt, leads a difficult life in his village, along with his good friend Choi Ji-wan and various survivors. Nam-san and Ji-wan navigate the desolate wasteland and scavenge for resources to keep their group intact. Trouble arises when Su-na, who is from their village, is approached by a rogue scientist, Dr. Yang is kidnapped by Gi-soo, who has been conducting an illegal experiment on making people immortal by injecting them with a certain serum, leading to his death. Many young people.

Badland hunter

Gi-soo wanted extra supplies for the serum, and he organized a community to deliver the extra youth to his camp, in a residence. Nam-san, Ji-wan, and Lee Eun-ho, a Navy sergeant at the camp, uncover Gi-soo’s experiments and go to rescue Su-na. It is revealed that Gi-soo was experimenting to revive his daughter So-yeon, who died when Seoul became a wasteland.

Badland hunter review

Badland Hunters Movie

Nam-san, Ji-wan and Eun-ho arrive at the camp and fight mutant soldiers. They manage to rescue Su-na, while Gi-soo escapes with So-yeon’s body in a suitcase. However, he is surrounded by a mob of men, who are ready to beat him to death. While occupying the crowd, he accidentally damages the suitcase, killing So-yeon. Nam-san kills Gi-soo and returns to his village with Su-na and Ji-wan.

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Badland Hunters Movie Review 2024

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