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Rasavathi Movie Review 2024

Raswati Movie Review 2024:- The way director Santhkumar has titled his films has certainly been fascinating. If Mouna Guru outlined the main character of her first film, her sophomore, Magmuni, was a pun linking their names, apart from clarifying the personality of its leads. In his latest film, Raswati (The Alchemist), the title brilliantly conveys its central theme and simultaneously establishes the actions of its protagonist.

Raswati reviews

In Rasavathy, Santhkumar pairs a soft-spoken and shrewd doctor Sadashivpandian (Arjun Das) with Kodaikanal’s new inspector Parasuraj (Sujith Shankar) who suffers from an unresolved mental illness. Also new to town is a resort supervisor Surya (Tanya Ravichandran), who unsurprisingly forms a bond with Sada. Disturbed to see the happy couple, Parsu goes out of his way to try and destroy their relationship. While it may initially seem like a narcissist’s job is to be sad by seeing others happy, there is more to it than seeking attention.

Raswati movie

Raswati Movie Review 2024

Sadhshiv “Sadha” Pandian is a Siddha doctor who practices his medicine in Kodaikanal, the same city where Surya joins as a resort supervisor, and police officer Parasuraj is in charge of the hometown police station. As Sadha and Surya, who embody their own fair share of shock, bonding and closeness, this doesn’t seem to sit well with Parasuraj, whose villainous nature he shares with Sadha. is involved at the forefront of the relationship that appears to be happening. until the last But what is it that connects them.

Apart from Saadha, 2 different spotlighted characters in Rasavati are Suriya and a cop played by a reliable Sujith Shankar. The director, Santhkumar, generously gives us enough time to get to know each of these characters. It will probably also be mentioned that he gives them too much time to determine themselves. Yet, Suriya’s character appears at an arm’s length from us all the time.

Raswati movie

We get to know what she does professionally and also a background on why she chose this job. But there is a constant feeling that we don’t know him, even though we know a lot about him. The fault for this is not within the skill but the manner in which it is presented. At the beginning, we buy into the characters played by Arjun and Tanya and the chemistry they share. The shift in tone between the falling in love parts on the one hand and the seriousness of what is happening to the policeman at the beginning of the film is brought across effectively.

The story of the movie Raswati

But, somewhere down the road, the film wobbles to find its feet. Some of the jokes within the film work very well, particularly a meta second involving Arjun Das and Ramya Subramanian, where the director references his earlier work. But, as it progresses, we ignore every Suriya and film because it fails to be serious.

Even with so many likable characters, Raswati fails to make its mark. The makers have certainly created many interesting characters but then failed to set them in a setting that is as compelling as they are.


Shanthakumar’s triumph is not just in telling a great story, it is also in his casting. He seems to have searched for the right actors to portray the characters of his film.

Arjun Das, who portrays the lead, delivers a commanding efficiency that keeps you hooked. Measured – each in his verbal responses and body language – Arjun Das effortlessly brings the character of Sadhashiv Pandiyan to life and makes you realize what kind of strong person he is.

An attractive character who has an infinite amount of energy within him, but who has the knowledge to check that energy. Full marks for making each Shantakumar such a personality and Arjun Das for nailing it to perfection. It is truly a joy to watch.

Tanya Ravichandran as Suriya does a neat job of enjoying a woman who is rebellious at heart, yet also has a childlike aspect to her that wants to be protected and understood.

Sujith Sankar, who portrays the antagonist Parsu Raj, is simply brilliant. Sujith Sankar portrays the perfect and dangerous nature of Parasu Raj, showing the audience, the ruthless demon within the character.

But it is Reshma Venkatesh as Chandra, who steals the thunder on this film. The actress, who looks less than a stunner in the second half, dances her way into the hearts of the film and the audience. His character and his portrayal are great and give the film exactly what it wants. The romantic segments between Chandra and Sadhashiv Pandian also work like magic.

Raswati Movie Review 2024

Raswati Movie Review 2024

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