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Boomer Uncle Movie Review

Boomer Uncle Movie Review:- Director Swadesh is about MS’s Boomer Uncle Nesam (Yogi Babu), a man who is half-way set with his life partner, a foreigner known as Amy.

Amy tells Nessom that she is willing to divorce him under one condition. The situation is that he takes her to his palatial residence at her ancestral home and they stay there for a day.

Boomer Uncle Movie Review

Nesham agrees to Amy’s condition and takes her to his ancestral home. Waiting to take revenge on him for ruining their reputation and thus their wedding ceremony are three former associates of Nesam known as Dawood (Seshu), Billa (Bala) and Valarsu (Thanga Durai).

These friends resolve to use this opportunity to take revenge on Nesam.

Meanwhile, Nessam realizes that Amy has an ulterior motive for asking him to drive her home.

When Nessam faces an important issue because of Amy, his friends, who seek revenge, ignore their differences with Nessam and are available to support him.

But what is Amy’s ulterior motive? What has he been up to and how has Nessam thwarted his plans? Boomer Uncle offers you the solution.

Review of Boomer Uncle in Tamil Movie

The film has a convoluted story that is neither informative nor entertaining. In reality, for the first few minutes, one has to really strain to get an honest understanding of what is actually happening on the display. It’s only within the second half that the issues turn into extra clear and you also get an honest concept of what the story is about.

The director’s sole motive seems to be to entertain. Unfortunately for him though, there isn’t a single joke that his comedic characters work into the film.

Yogi Babu’s dialogues and the way he delivers them are vulgar and offensive. In particular, the opening scenes through which he is seen having a conversation with his foreign spouse in the presence of a counselor are utterly depressing.

Amidst all this, Oviya makes a quick appearance of herself. However, his position is prohibitive and he exits without making an immediate impression.

Boomer Uncle Trailer

Boomer Uncle Movie Review
Boomer Uncle Movie Review

As the story progresses, the plot begins to deteriorate. Soon, we are advised that Nessam’s father, a scientist, had invented a course through which superheroes could possibly be created and before you know it, you have the likes of Robo Shankar and Seshu. Tamil comedy artists will be known trying to reproduce well. Hollywood characters like Hulk and Joker. Their actions, which are ready to make you scream, only provoke you.

The film is so draining that by the time it ends, you really breathe a sigh of relief

Boomer Uncle Movie Review

Boomer Uncle Movie Review Boomer Uncle Movie Review

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