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Bajrang Aur Ali Review A Unique Tale Of Friendship By Jayveer In Theatres On June 7

Bajrang Aur Ali Review: In an era where religious divides often override human values ​​and humanitarian causes, ‘Bajrang Aur Ali’ emerges as an important film that teaches the true essence of love, peace, social harmony and unity across religious and communal boundaries. The film captivates with its soul-stirring storytelling and the deep emotional journey of its two main characters.


The film’s simplistic and realistic narrative focuses on the heart-warming friendship between Bajrang and Ali, a Hindu and a Muslim boy who stand firm for each other. Their bond is strong enough to sacrifice their lives for each other. However, their friendship is put to the test in a communally pointed environment where everything seems broken.

As the story unfolds, a better sense prevails and Bajrang and Ali prove that religion is merely a matter of perception, and the most important quality is our shared humanity.

Written and Directed by:

Writer and director Jayveer has crafted the film in such a way that the emotions resonate deeply with the audience. Every frame reflects his passion for filmmaking, conveying messages of unity and peace without being preachy or pretentious.

Another highlight of ‘Bajrang Aur Ali’ is its meaningful songs and soul-stirring music, which add depth to the film. Conversations are thought-provoking and thought-provoking on various aspects of life. The film keeps you engaged from start to finish, without a single dull moment.


Notably, Jayveer not only excels as the writer and director of this gem of a film, but also shines in the central role of Bajrang, showcasing his versatile talents. Sachin Parekh, who plays Bajrang’s friend, gives a seamless performance as Jayveer’s portrayal. Jayveer portrays the role of Bajrang with finesse, while Sachin Parekh as Ali complements his on-screen partner beautifully.

Also, Riddhi Gupta, Yuganth Badri Pandey and Gauri Shankar Singh give impressive performances in their respective roles.


‘Bajrang Aur Ali’ conveys a profound message that nothing is beyond humanity. The film emphasizes that since all religions teach fundamentally human values, if individuals prioritize helping their fellow human beings, the religion they follow becomes secondary.

Rating: 3.5/5 star

Bajrang Aur Ali Review

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