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Challengers Movie Review 2024

Challengers Movie Review 2024:- The Challengers is a 2024 American romantic sports drama film directed by Luca Guadagnino from a screenplay by Justin Kuritzkes, and starring Zendaya, Josh O’Connor, and Mike Feist. The film centers around a 13-year relationship between an injured tennis star turned coach (Zendaya), her low-circuit tennis partner ex-boyfriend (O’Connor), and her tennis champion husband (Feist), eventually ending up on the ATP Challenger Tour. Within the latter two matches at .

Kuritzkes’ screenplay was acquired by MGM in February 2022, with the theory forged and Guadagnino hired shortly thereafter; The leads studied for months with former tennis partner and coach Brad Gilbert to prepare for their roles. Principal photography began that May and lasted until that June, shooting primarily in Boston. Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, who previously worked with Guadagnino on Call Me by Your Name (2017) and Suspiria (2018), served as cinematographer.

Delayed from an initial September 2023 launch in response to the actors’ strike, Challengers It premiered in Sydney on March 26, 2024, and was theatrically launched in the United States by Amazon MGM Studios a month later. The film received positive reviews from critics and grossed over $94 million worldwide.

Challenger’s Movie Review

In 2006, partners Patrick Zweig and Art Donaldson won the boys’ junior doubles title at the US Open. They watch a match played by Tashi Duncan, a rising tennis star, with whom Patrick and Art become enamored. After the assembly at a celebration, Tashi joins Art and Patrick in their lodge room, where the three kiss before Tashi ends abruptly. She guarantees to present her cellphone amount to whoever wins the final the following day. Patrick wins the match, and later warns Art that he had sex with Tashi by putting the ball in the neck of his racket before serving, which was a tic of Art’s.

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Later, Tashi and Kala play faculty tennis at Stanford University, while Patrick becomes skilled and begins a long-distance relationship with Tashi. Art suggests to Tashi that Patrick does not love her. When Patrick visits Stanford, Art equally suggests to him that Tashi doesn’t take the connection seriously. Tashi and Patrick get into an argument over her trying to tutor Patrick in tennis, and Patrick leaves their match as a result; While enjoying, Tashi tore his ACL. Patrick joins in watching Tashi, though Tashi angrily tells him to go away. Art ends her friendship with Patrick, by teaming up with her. Art assists in Tashi’s recovery, although she is too injured to renew her tennis career.

In 2009, Tashi reconnected with art, turning into his coach and girlfriend. In 2011, Tashi and Kala are really engaged, and Kala’s profession is on the rise. At the Atlanta Open, Tashi and Patrick run into each other and have a one-night stand, which Art notices.


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In 2019, Tashi and Kala are a rich energy couple with a young daughter. Kala is just one US Open title away from a career Grand Slam, though is struggling due to injuries and age. Tashi enters Art as a wild card in a Challenger event in New Rochelle, New York, hoping to boost her confidence and make her kinder. Patrick, who lives out of his automobile and is scraping by on wins from reduced circuits, enters the New Rochelle Challenger proper.

Realizing Art’s desperation, Patrick asks Tashi to teach him in one final profitable season. She refuses, but keeps the slip of paper with her telephone number. Starting at opposite ends of the seeding, Art and Patrick progress through the brackets until they find themselves passing each other within the finish. The day before the final match, Patrick tries to reconnect with Art, but Art rebuffs him.

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The night before the final, Art tells Tashi that he plans to retire at the end of the season regardless of whether he wins the Open or not. Tashi is saddened, though reluctantly accepts Art. That evening, Tashi secretly meets with Patrick and asks him to throw the match to Art, claiming that it boosts his confidence and is meant to save much of their marriage. Patrick is disgusted, and he and Tashi have a passionate argument before having sex inside their automobile. He agrees to throw the match.

On the final day, Tashi watches Kala and Patrick play. Patrick won the primary set, and Art the second. As Art takes the lead inside the last recreation, Patrick begins to drop the match via a double fault. However, he stops shedding and uses Art’s serve tick as an alternate sign that he slept with Tashi. Surprised, Art allows Patrick to have until they are bound once again.

The Challengers Movie
The Challengers Movie

During the tie break, Art and Patrick angrily trade groundstrokes, though they begin to smile as they move on. The rally intensifies until each rises for a volley on the web. As Art slams the ball, he bumps into Patrick on the web and the 2 embrace. Tashi jumps out of her seat and cheers.

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