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Government Job V/S Corporate Job

Today, we are going to discuss about which job is better in current scenario, so let’s see Government Job V/S Corporate Job.

Government JobCorporate Job
1 .In government job a big difference of
working time as compared to corporate job .The working time of any govt. job is only
5 to 6 hours maximum.
But in corporate job working time is 12 hours or may be more than this.
2But in govt. job there is no target like that, If any project or work has not completed in given time there is no issue.In corporate job a target has given by the boss ,If the target has not completed at given time salary will be cut and there is chance to lost the job also.
3In govt. job we get life – long health care , pension,housing, and provident funds or many more facilities.But in corporate job there is no facility like that.
4Government job is more stable than corporate jobOn the other hand corporate is not stable.
5In government job the salary package is very good.The pay scale of govt. job is start from 35,000+In corporate job the salary package is not so good. The pay scale of corporate job is only 5000 to 25000.
  • Conclusion: The final conclusion of this is that a government job is better than a corporate job.Because a Government job provides many good facilities that cannot be provided by the corporate job like Salary, job security, growth, leaves and holidays, benefits, creativity, This is a good facility that is only we will get in govt. not in corporate jobs. In many situations, corporate jobs also are good than government jobs.

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