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Hit List OTT Release Date & Movie Cast

Hit List OTT Release Date & Movie Cast:- A person who is admired for his bravery, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” Even in cinema, we name the hero of a film a hero because he faces adversity with courage, ingenuity, acts with kindness. are, oppose evil, and provoke one another about righteousness.

The latest outing, Hit List, depicts a hero as someone who overcomes his inner cowardice, stands up for his family and fights for injustice. Interestingly, this film could be the introduction of the brand new hero in town, Vijay Kanishka. Be it the definition of the film’s hero, or Kanishak’s unconventional choice of script for his debut, there is a lot to talk about in this suspense thriller. While the film’s heart is in the right place, it manages to shine in sporadic moments throughout the film, relatively speaking.

Hit list movie 2024

Vijay Kanishka portrays a man (Vijay) whose mother and sister are kidnapped by a masked man. Now, the hero has to obey the kidnapper’s orders to save his family from being killed. Meanwhile, ACP Yajvandhan (Sarath Kumar) may be on the case and tries to find the face behind the mask.

Hit list OTT release date and movie cast

The first ten minutes are the weakest part of your entire film. We see the characters played by Bala Saravanan and Aishwarya Dutta offering an introduction to Vijay’s personality, which aims to tear us apart. However, as we consider the film to be a suspense thriller, we are quite surprised that such scenes add up to the larger scheme of issues. Fortunately, the film fast-forwards after the primary quarter, as Vijay’s housemate is kidnapped and he gets a name from the kidnapper.

Hit list movie cast

For the remainder of the first half and much of the second half, the film goes in circles as the masked man makes Vijay perform some diabolical tasks like killing a rooster, followed by the latter killing a human. You may wonder why killing a rooster made it on the list. Well, Vijay is described as a follower of Vallalar’s ideology and someone who is against killing any living being.

The film goes to great lengths to determine this perception of Vijay, so that he gets it wrong. Vijay’s meet and greet with Yazvendhan takes place at the point where the former promotes veganism, asking viewers to get an app called Go Vegan. While this is perhaps a minor element within the film, it typifies the foundation of Vijay’s personality, and we are left with the question of whether he is vegetarian or vegan.

Hit list movie release date

The film’s energy rests on the final half-hour, with Vijay’s manipulation of the masked man and the location of the real motive behind the string of murders revealed. This core message, although essential, feels quite dated. Still, the heart of the film is in the right place, with the message reflecting real-life injustice. But the real suspense is at the end of the film when the identity of the masked man is revealed. The finish manages to be something you can’t predict, although the road it takes to get there can be quite traffic-heavy.

Hit list movie release date

Coming back to our hero, Vijay Kanishka, the film mainly portrays him as timid and cowardly and has no heroism. Unlike films that only use a timid hero to increase his stature later, hit list True to its characterization and it pulls no punches in showing how much of a coward its protagonist really is and the way he is pushed around.

Reverse complete. Toward the climax of the film, he finds a reason for his bravery, as he fights again in an attempt to avoid ruining his mother and sister. As the credits began to roll, before I could formulate my thoughts regarding the film, I could hear the audience erupting in applause, and I was instantly reminded of something actor Suri said in an interview. , “The hero is anyone. The character the audience cheers for.

Hit list OTT release date and movie cast
Hit list OTT release date and movie cast

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Hit list OTT release date and movie cast

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