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Kanchana 4 Shooting Begins September 2024 Raghava Lawrence Returns kanchana 4 update

Kanchana 4: ‘Kanchana’ is all set to return with the fourth part. Titled ‘Kanchana 4’, this horror film is all set to be directed by Raghavan Lawrence. The film will begin shooting in September 2024 and Lawrence will star in the film. ‘Kanchana 4’ is expected to release in the summer of 2025.

Producer X (from Twitter) shared the announcement.

According to a Pinkvilla report, the script works of ‘Kanchana 4’ have already started and the shooting of the film will begin later this year.

About Kanchana

The horror-comedy Tamil language film ‘Kanchana’ is a horror series, the first part of which was released in 2011. Written, produced and directed by Raghava Lawrence, the film also stars Sarathkumar, Kovai Sarala, Lakshmi Rai, Devadarshini and Simran in lead roles. roles.

The first ‘Kanchana’ released in 2011, the Telugu-dubbed version on Jukki in 2011. Despite receiving mixed response from critics, both the films were successful blockbusters in the regions. Thanks to its success, ‘Kanchana’ was remade several times; ‘Kalpana’ in Kannada, ‘Maya’ in Sinhala, ‘Mayabini’ in Bengali and ‘Lakshmi’ in Hindi.

According to Syfy, ‘Kanchana’ became the most successful Tamil film of 2011 based on ROI. Made on a budget of Rs. 7 crore in marketing expenditure of Rs. 1.5 crores, the film went on to collect over a crore. 20 crores in Tamil Nadu alone.

Kanchana 2

Later Kanchana 2′ directed and produced by Raghava Lawrence, in which he played a Suval role. The film also stars Taapsee Pannu, Nithya Menon, Renuka Jayaprakash, Rajendran, Sreeman, Suhasini Mani Ratnam and others.

As the third film in the Muni film series, the film was also a commercial entertainer and collected over crores. 180 crore worldwide.

Kanchana 3

‘Kanchana 3’ released in 2019. Again Raghava Lawrence wrote and directed the film. He also acted in a double role with Nikki Tamboli, Oviya, Vedika and Ri Javi Alexandra. Being the fourth film of ‘Muni’, this part was also a blockbuster with a collection of 100 crores. 130 crores

Kanchana 4

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