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Rivew Bade Miyan Chote Miyan 2024 Movie

Bade Mian Chote Mian 2024:- A masked criminal attacks an Indian convoy with a deadly weapon. The attacker tells the Indian Army that they must race against time to prevent the destruction of India. Captain Misha confronts a masked assailant in Shanghai; She impales him, though his wounds inexplicably heal immediately. Misha learns the incident from Colonel Azad, who instructs her to enlist court-martialled troopers Feroz (Freddy) and Rakesh (Rocky) for the mission.

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Misha and Rocky reach London and meet Parminder (Pam), an IT specialist assigned to help them. In London, Azad is shot dead by a masked criminal. Workers infiltrate the London Tube to retrieve a stolen bundle. Freddy arrives just in time to help them deal with the masked men. Pam opens the vault, revealing that the bundle is Captain Priya Dixit, Freddie’s ex-girlfriend. Since hard drives are prone to hacking, codes Karan Kavach, a highly sophisticated defense mechanism, is encrypted within Priya’s mind. Priya is held hostage by a masked criminal and his army, and the criminal reveals himself to be Freddy and Rocky’s former good friend and scientist Kabir.

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Kabir intends to help the Indian Army with his latest invention: a cloning program based on Freddy and Rocky’s DNA programmed with orders in place to clone and win battles without getting killed. When Kabir reveals his intention to overcome the world with this invention, Asad orders it to be shut down as it may be against morality. Kabir switches sides and sells the invention to India’s enemies. Freddy and Rocky are ordered to destroy the system and capture Kabir alive. However, they find themselves killing Kabir and are court-martialed for disobeying orders, after which Freddy breaks up with Priya.

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Kabir survived because his clone Ekalavya actually died. Eklavya’s death, who loved the clone like a son, made him vengeful. The masked men are really clones of Freddy and Rocky; He cloned Azad and killed the real one. Kabir kidnaps Priya and leaves Freddy and Rocky for dead, however they kill Kabir’s henchmen and reveal to the group that Kabir plans to pit Pakistan and China against India. Karan Kavach Also airstrikes against 2 international locations will tarnish India’s popularity globally.

Freddy, Rocky, Misha and Pam infiltrate Kabir’s base and decrypt the password from Priya’s mind. Freddy and Rocky eventually confront their own clones, who regenerate as a result of their internal energy supply. The two are lured into a power grid and kill all the clones, causing them to explode. Kabir conducts an airstrike before Freddy and Rocky kill him. Priya reveals that the password is Ekalavya. The Karan Kavach Reactivated, avoiding air strikes and possible conflict. Kabir wakes up alive as the gang leaves below.

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the movieBade Mian Chote Mian 2024
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Bade Mian Chote Mian 2024

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