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Tarot Movie Review 2024

Tarot Movie Review 2024:- A gaggle of friends – Haley, Grant, Paxton, Paige, Madeline, Lucas, and Elise – rent a mansion in the Catskills for Elise’s birthday. With tension within the group following Hayley and Grant’s recent breakup, they distract Hayley by learning her horoscope with a field of unusual tarot cards found in the basement. Elise will receive the High Priesthood and is “going to climb the ladder of success”; Lucas will find the Hermit; Madeline the Hanged Man; Page and Paxton The Magician and The Fool respectively. When Haley reveals that Grant is self-destructing their relationship because he acquired The Devil, the 2 argue. Finally, Haley reads her personal horoscope and finds the death card.

Tarot Movie Review

The next day, the group returns to campus. Elise is attacked by a monstrous model of the High Priestess, who forces her to her death along a ladder in the attic. Lucas is ambushed by the hermit in a prep station and killed by a rushed prep. Every loss of life corresponds to a tarot reading and the group suspects that something is wrong with the deck.

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They visit Alma Astron, an expert on tarot and occultist whom they discovered online. She identifies the playing card as an astrologer who, in the late 18th century, served a Hungarian count and made long-term predictions for him.

After a study that his pregnant spouse and child would die in childbirth came true, the grieving count ordered his men to kill the soothsayer’s daughter. The astrologer, furious with grief, doomed the Count and his companions to lose their lives while playing his cards, then killed himself and cursed his deck to kill anyone who used it. Playing card groups are chargeable to a number of tarot studying carnage. Alma urges them to destroy the deck, which continues on the mansion.

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While driving there, their automobile breaks down and they are attacked by The Hanged Man, who kills Madeline. Terrified, Paxton leaves the others and returns to campus, although pursued by The Fool. Hayley, Grant, and Paige return to the castle, though unable to burn the playing cards and plead for Alma’s aid. Alma summons the spirit of the soothsayer, however the soothsayer studies on her and she is killed by the Six of Swords.

The page is sawn in half by the magician. Hayley decides that if she reads an astrologer’s horoscope, it might be over. As Grant is drawn by the devil, Haley studies on the astrologer, killing him. She sees that her playing cards are against everyone else and she is in pain. Eventually, she leaves to mourn her mother, who died of an illness, and the astrologer’s spirit burns alongside the deck. Haley and Grant make up for their rescue and are reunited with Paxton, who escaped after his roommate opened the elevator door at the last second, causing The Fool to disappear.

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Tarot Movie Review 2024

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