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Current Affairs viable of 27 October 2022

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Daily GK Current Affairs News is viable on 27 October 2022. – Here are the Regular current affairs viable of 27 October 2022 covering the following news headlines: World’s dirtiest man, World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, 76th Infantry Day, National Industrial Security Academy, Pather Panchali.

Daily Current Affairs updates are incorporated with the important news that made the current affairs headlines for competitive exams. Daily Current Affairs Update is the complete box of important news held all day. One should have complete knowledge of banking terms, current affairs news, etc.

So, here is the GK update of 27 October 2022 to help you prepare the Current affairs part. After reading this section, you can successfully attempt the current affairs quiz.

Here current affairs have been categorized which is as follows

  • International News
  • National News
  • States News
  • Business News
  • Sports News
  • Awards News
  • Important Days
  • Obituaries News

International News

  1. Putin Repeats Unsupported ‘Dirty Bomb’ Claim
  • The Kremlin reiterated its claim that Ukraine is planning to use a radioactive “dirty bomb”, warning the West that it is dangerous to dismiss Moscow’s position. Ukraine, the United States, Britain, and France have all rejected Moscow’s claims – voiced by several officials in recent days – that Kyiv may be preparing to detonate a radioactive device in Ukraine.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin remotely supervised the exercises of his Strategic Nuclear Forces, which included several practice launches of ballistic and cruise missiles in a display of force. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told Putin that the exercise simulated a “massive nuclear attack” in response to a nuclear attack on Russia.

National News

  1. India Suffered Income Loss of 5.4% of GDP Due To Heatwave In 2021: Report
  • According to the new Climate Transparency report, India suffered an income loss of 5.4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the highest among G20 countries in 2021. The report highlighted that India witnessed a record heatwave that affected workers, labor migrants, low-income families, and the homeless and reduced the yield of wheat crops.
  • The US ranks first when it comes to global emissions, as the US contributes 25% to it, followed by the European Union with 22%. “The members of the G20 account for about 85% of global GDP, 75% of international trade, and two-thirds of the world’s population, and account for nearly three-quarters of global emissions,” the report said.

States News

  1. Gujarati New Year 2022: Date, Time, and About Bestu Varas
  • Gujarati New Year 2022: The Gujarati New Year also known as Bestu Varas is celebrated a day after Diwali. Gujarati New Year falls on Pratipada of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. The Gujarati New Year is also called Varsha-Pratipada or Padwa. Gujarati New Year is one of the major festivals of Gujarat.
  • Gujarati New Year 2022 or Bestu Varas is celebrated on 26 October 2022. It is celebrated a day after Diwali and this year it coincides with Govardhan Puja. There is no specific time to perform puja and rituals in Gujarati New Year. Pratipada Tithi starts on 25 October 2022 at 6.48 PM and Pratipada Tithi ends on 26 October 2022 at 5.12 PM.

Business News

  1. Coca-Cola’s Sprite becomes a billion-dollar brand in the Indian market
  • Global soft drinks company Coca-Cola announced that its lemon and lime flavored soft drink ‘Sprite’ has become a billion-dollar brand in the Indian market. The company reported “strong” volume growth in its Indian business in the third quarter of 2022.
  • Trademark Coke delivered strong growth through effective execution and opportunity-based marketing. Coke has done 2.5 billion transactions at affordable price points in India through the expansion of returnable glass bottles and single-serve PET packages.

Sports News

  1. IAF: Western Air Command won Air Force Lawn Tennis Championship
  • Western Air Command, Indian Air Force (IAF) won the Air Force Lawn Tennis Championship 2022-23 held at Head Quarter MC, Vayu Sena Nagar, Nagpur. The final match of the team championship was played between Western Air Command and Training Command in which Western Air Command emerged as the winner.
  • The Open Singles final was played between Corporal Pradeep of Training Command and Sergeant Manolin of Western Air Command and Corporal Pradeep emerged as the winner.

Awards News

  1. NISA bags Union HM’s trophy for best police training institution
  • National Industrial Security Academy (NISA), at Hakimpet, Hyderabad has bagged the Union Home Minister’s Trophy for the “Best Police Training Institution for Training of Gazetted Officers for the year 2020-21”.
  • This extraordinary feat for this Academy was achieved during the serving period of the current Commissioner of Police (CP) Hyderabad, CV Anand, who was the previous Director of the Academy during the year under contention.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs conducts a national-level screening of various central police training institutes and accordingly BPR&D conducts a survey for the best Police Training Institution for the year. All central and state government police training academies of the country are in consideration in various categories.

Important Days

  1. Indian Army Celebrates 76th Infantry Day On 27 October
  • Indian Army Infantry Day is celebrated every year on 27 October to pay tribute to the soldiers who fought for the country and laid down their lives in the line of duty.
  • To celebrate 76th Infantry Day on 27th October this year, soldiers are organizing four bike rallies simultaneously from all major directions, Wellington (Tamil Nadu), Jammu (J&K), Shillong (Meghalaya), and Ahmedabad (Gujarat). The rally began on October 16 and will cover a nationwide tour, culminating at the National War Memorial on Infantry Day.
  1. World Day for Audiovisual Heritage celebrates on 27 October
  • World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (WDAH) is celebrated on October 27 every year to highlight and promote the importance of such preservation.
  • Audiovisual heritage refers to documents like film, sounds, radio, television programs, and other audio and video that are of socio-cultural importance and need preservation for posterity.
  • Such documentations help us observe and understand the past, and protects our memories and culture. “Enlisting documentary heritage to promote inclusive, just, and peaceful societies” is the theme for WDAH this year.

Obituaries News

  1. ‘World’s dirtiest man’ Amou Haji dies in Iran at 94
  • Amou Haji, an Iranian man known as “the dirtiest man in the world”, died at the age of 94 in the village of Dejgah in the southern province of Fars.
  • He was so-called because he had bathed for almost 70 years and believed that staying dirty made him live so long. Due to his unique record, a short documentary titled ‘The Strange Life of Amau Haji’ was made in 2013 describing his life.
  • In 2009 the Hindustan Times reported that Kailash “Kalau” Singh of a village outside the holy city of Varanasi had not bathed for more than 30 years in an attempt to help end “all the problems facing the country”.

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