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Current Affairs viable of 8 October 2022

Daily current affairs are viable of 31 March 2023

Daily GK Current Affairs News is viable for 8 October 2022. – Here are the Regular current affairs viable of 8 October 2022 covering the Upcoming SSC, Railway, Bank, and Clerk PO exams. These current affairs make daily analysis and related India, World, Technology, and all Government Exam.

Daily Current Affairs updates are incorporated with the critical news that made the current affairs headlines for competitive exams. Daily Current Affairs Update is the complete box of important news that is held all day long. One should have full knowledge of banking terms, current affairs news, etc.

So, here is the GK update of 8 October 2022 to help you prepare the Current affairs part. After reading this section, you can successfully attempt the current affairs quiz.

Daily current affairs viable of 8 October 2022

  1. Captain Ibrahim Traore has been appointed as the President of Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso is a country in which continent?
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Australia

Answer:- Africa

  1. SBI General Insurance has appointed who among the following as its new MD & CEO from October 2022?
  • D. Sundaram
  • P. K. Gupta
  • Rajnish Kumar
  • Kishore Kumar Poludasu

Answer:- Kishore Kumar Poludasu

  1.  India’s first green tech-based Technology Business Incubation or Inclusive TBI (i-TBI) will be set up in which of the following institutions?
  • NIT Trichy
  • NIT Warangal
  • NIT Srinagar
  • NIT Calicut

Answer:- NIT Srinagar

  1. In October 2022, India emerged as the world’s largest producer of Sugar. India is the ____________ largest sugar exporter in the world.
  • Sixth
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth

Answer:- Second

  1. Who among the following Indian Origin doctors has been nominated as the US representative on the WHO executive board?
  • Vivek Murthy
  • Manjit Singh Bains
  • Sanjay Gupta
  • Siddhartha Mukherjee

Answer:- Vivek Murthy

  1. Which financial services company partnered with NASSCOM Foundation for the ‘Women Empowerment through Technology’ project?
  • American Express
  • JP Morgan
  • Citibank
  • Bank of America

Answer:- American Express

  1. Pangasius Icaria, which was recently discovered in the Cauvery River, belongs to which species?
  • Turtle
  • Catfish
  • Frog
  • Snake

Answer:- Catfish

  1. Enceladus, which was seen in the news, is a moon of which planet?
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Venus
  • Mars

Answer:- Saturn

  1. As per a recent UNICEF report, what percent of child marriages can fall down if higher education is provided to girls?
  • 25 percent
  • 40 percent
  • 60 percent
  • 80 percent

Answer:- 80 percent

  1. Which state won the first prize for the best adventure tourism destination and all-around development of tourism?
  • Kerala
  • Goa
  • Uttarakhand
  • Himachal Pradesh

Answer:- Uttarakhand

  1. Which Indian personality has won the ‘Changemaker’ award at the UN SDG Action Awards?
  • Srishti Bakshi
  • Kapil Mandawewala
  • Amit Saraogi
  • Kaif Ali

Answer:- Srishti Bakshi

  1. The third Vande Bharat Express train, which was recently inaugurated (in October 2022), runs between which cities?
  • New Delhi and Gurugram
  • Mumbai and Ahmedabad
  • Bengaluru and Mysuru
  • Mumbai and Indore

Answer:- Mumbai and Ahmedabad

  1. Which state is set to set up the world’s largest jungle safari park across 10,000 acres?
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Haryana
  • Nagaland

Answer:- Haryana

  1. ‘Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF)’ is associated with which Union Ministry?
  • Ministry of Communications
  • Ministry of Electronics and IT
  • Ministry of MSME
  • [Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  1. Kuno National Park, where Cheetahs were introduced, is located in which state?
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Rajasthan
  • Maharashtra

Answer:- Madhya Pradesh

  1. ‘Prohibition of online gambling and regulation of online games ordinance, 2022’ came into effect in which state?
  • Kerala
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Odisha
  • Telangana

Answer:- Tamil Nadu

  1. Which public sector unit has partnered with GE Gas Power to demonstrate hydrogen co-firing blended with natural gas?
  • ONGC
  • GAIL
  • NTPC
  • BPCL

Answer:- NTPC

  1. Prashant Kumar has been appointed as the MD and CEO of which Indian private sector bank?
  • ICICI Bank
  • Yes Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • Federal Bank

Answer:- Yes Bank

  1. In October 2022, The Union Finance Ministry allowed airlines to avail of up to __________ loans under the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme, to help them tide over their cash flow problems.
  • Rs. 1500 crore
  • Rs. 2500 crore
  • Rs. 3500 crore
  • Rs. 4500 crore

Answer:- Rs. 1500 crore

  1. Which of the following state announced the creation of the first three all-female Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) battalions in the state?
  • Maharashtra
  • Rajasthan
  • Uttarakhand
  • Uttar Pradesh

Answer:- Uttar Pradesh

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